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Bigfoot in Washington!


Well, the title is certainly compelling.  Yesterday (June 18,2013), Tyler Bounds from the Animal Planet television show FINDING BIGFOOT visited our local library in Oak Harbor, WA.  I am fairly certain that Tyler was enjoying the passage of our 502 law- seemingly a down to earth dude- his presentation needs some work.  He is from our area and may have been asked to do this library tour because of  local interests.  This doesn’t make him a public speaker.  I think he was nervous at the tremendous turnout where people in the back had to stand.  Kids were eagerly awaiting video evidence of a “squatch” which never came, although Tyler did play some impressive (others not so impressive) suspect howling and noises.

tyler bounds

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I need to make it clear that I’m not hatin’ on Tyler Bounds.  He seems to be a perfectly laid back GenXer, that was likely grunge monkey Nirvana fan.  I love that!  I just expected more out of this public speaking engagement which my children attended and their interest was easily lost.  Tyler spent most of his time fielding questions and hosting audience stories.  One woman recalled that “a Bigfoot pee’d” on someone she knew.  While her contributions didn’t provide any real evidence or scientific data, she certainly brought some levity to the room- which was mostly filled with older, skeptical and crotchety people.  I suspect that Tyler did have video footage to share with his audience but the computer/ projector wasn’t operating correctly.  The technology librarian didn’t return to fix the problem until 10 minutes prior to closing.

The photo link above is worth the visit and may shed further light on the evolution of this presentation.

Tyler, if you are reading this…you clearly have an interesting platform.  Your presentation simply needs structure.   An outline of talking points will provide attendees (who are very eager to hear what you have to say) with the nuggets of fascinating details we really wanted to hear.  I suspect you already know this but tend to be interrupted with questions and stories so much that any “outline” gets tossed aside.  PLEASE try to find a happy medium.  Good luck to you dude, I hope you find what you are looking for!