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Travel Journal

DIY Travel Game



    Okay, so I didn’t buy enough of the beautiful-precut-white-velcro dots.  I finished off this dollar store teacher supply “folder game” with the black trim-to-fit velcro.  The velcro is readily available in most sewing departments.  I got this idea from seeing teachers utilize “folder games” for student activities.   In the classroom, the velcro was used to hold game pieces during storage and transit.   This is an animal trivia game.  I enclosed the game cards in an envelope which sticks into the folder for storage.  The boys can play this in the backseat of TONKA even if the windows are down!


Meet the Family!



    Hi, my name is Melanie.  I am the one in the sun glasses.  This is my family.  My husband Dane is a warrior-ninja clown who recently retired from the military.  Our oldest son A is entering the wonderful preteen years, loves video games, hates school, and is usually bored.  N, our youngest, is the second tallest kid in his class, loves animals, and really loves school even though he claims to hate it because he tries to be cool like his big brother.  I am a retired navy wife, part-time stay-at-home mom, part-time substitute para-educator,  and recent University of Maryland graduate.
   My husband’s final duty station was in Washington State.  Although we have loved the people and the beauty found in the Pacific Northwest, we really miss the warm sunny weather and sandy beaches.   We have decided to take a giant leap of faith and we are relocating across the country in Florida.  Over the summer we will be driving diagonally through the country.  We have our beloved FL Cruiser, aptly named TONKA (big, yellow, rugged, and fun), and our darling golden retriever,  LAGER (also big, yellow, rugged, and fun).  I fully expect our trip to be similar to a NATIONAL LAMPOONS film, but with a reverse Oregon Trail theme.  Join us on our adventure across the beautiful United States, and share our good and bad times along the way.  I’ll show you how I have prepared the children, LAGER, and myself for this fantastic voyage.  See you along the way!